The Brooker Braves are no more…

Unfortunately, your 900 plus voices were not enough to put the brakes on our beloved Braves mascot being changed. After 58 years of being the Braves, Jeff Eakins and a Parent Advisory Committee decided our fate and changed our history forever. I’m so proud of the efforts that were put forth by my kiddos to “save the Braves”. There are a very small few that are making decisions for you, the very large majority. It is so disheartening the way in which this occurred…many communities have been blindsided, and their opinions not valued. Jeff Eakins will be retiring…and though his decisions will forever change our community…he will be unaffected.

Thank you to those who have supported this cause. It is so sad to know that being a Brooker Brave is a freedom of our past…may we always remember and cherish our history…the history of the Brooker Braves.

Please EMAIL Jeff Eakins and ALL SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS ; ask them to SAVE OUR BRAVES!


This petition is to keep the Brooker Braves name. We have had this mascot since 1961 and it should stay. Brooker is Brandon, Florida history, part of who we are as Brandon. The money it would cost to hire people and redo all the mascots around our school would amount to wasted time and money. That money could be used to help improve the school, by buying technology, or adding a new class. It is an honor to have our school named after the Native Americans. Please keep our name the Brooker Braves, for the ones who attended before us and those who will attend after us keeping the tradition, of the Braves alive.

-Maggie Elise Ramos, a 4th grade Brooker Brave

Brooker Elementary in the news!

Who supports this? …Many Proud Native Americans

Kelley comments – “I was the first Student Council President when Mrs. Rita Dugan started the Student Council in 1978-1979. I cannot see changing this name as a necessary thing. Please stop acting so politically correct in everything you view. People need to manage their emotions and not be so offended. Also, from someone who has Native American blood in his heritage, this does not offend me in the least”.

Reynolds comments- “I am an educator and a Native American. I find no offense to this school’s mascot”!

Fowler comments– “I’m Proud to be a Native American 
Don’t take away the History the School has and will always will have”!!! 

Quick comments – “Being a Brave, an Indian, A Seminole, even a Redskin is something to be proud of. My husband is part Cherokee and takes pride in anything native american. Never has he felt offended . Only proud”.

Laura comments- “Native American family, not offended in the least”!

Who else supports this?

There have been many who have signed the petition to “Save the Braves”. One such person is Melissa Snively, a member of the Hillsborough County School Board. She was kind enough to also leave a reply, it is as follows;

Melissa Snively School Board Member May 14, 2019

“Thank you for alerting me to this petition and commentary from everyone. First, let me just clarify that this was NOT brought to the school board for a discussion and vote. Rather, this was an administrative decision that was made by the Superintendent and his staff, without input from the communities surrounding the schools affected or input from board members. With that said, I am extremely outraged and disappointed in how this decision was made, especially with the lack of transparency and conversation, and I plan to bring it up at the next school board meeting on Tuesday, June 4th. If not resolved at the next school board meeting, I plan to propose a district policy that will allow the school board to have input on school mascots and require the Superintendent to bring recommendations of mascot changes to the board for discussion and vote. I encourage any citizens who are unhappy about this decision to send a message to all school board members at and the Superintendent at”